Druk Path trek

Duration: 6 days
Maximum height: 4,200 meters
Highest Camp: 4,110 meters
Best Season/month: March to June; September to November
Starting point:  National Museum or "Ta Dzong", Paro
Finishing point: Motithang, Thimphu

Over the years, the Druk Path Trek has remained as one of the most popular treks in Bhutan for tourists. The walking distances between the camps are not too long. En route, it provides spectacular views of mountains and lakes. Towards the end of the trek, you will pass through the Phajoding monastery, “an open complex that comprises many holy buildings and relics and a State monastic school that currently houses just over 50 monks”.

Day 1
Paro to Jili Dzong (Distance: 7 km, Duration: 5 hours, Camp altitude: 3,480 metres. Starting point is near National Museum at Paro).

Day 2
Jili Dzong to Jangchulakha (Distance 10 km, Duration: 5 hours, Camp altitude: 3,770 metres).

Day 3
Jangchulakha to Jimilang Tsho (Distance: 11 km, Duration: 4 hours, Camp altitude: 3,870 metres).

Day 4
Jimilang Tsho to Simkotra Tsho (Distance: 11 km, Duration: 4 hours, Camp altitude: 4,110 metres).

Day 5
Simkotra Tsho to Phajoding (Distance: 10 km, Duration: 3 hours, Camp altitude: 3,750 metres).

Day 6
Phajoding to Motithang (Distance: 5 km, Duration: 3 hours).