Events - February

Tangsibi Mani Festival

  4 February 2017 – 8 February 2017   Tangsibi Lhakhangm Ura, Bumthang

The festival is held in Tangsibi Tashiling Lhakhang in Tangsibi village in Ura valley in Bumthang. The festival roots back to the Tibetan Treasure discoverer (Terton) Sherab Wangch…

Lhamoizingkha Tshechu

  12 February 2017 – 14 February 2017   Lhamoizingkha, Dagana

The three-day Tshechu rings the small settlement of Lhamoizingkha to life. This is the biggest festival in the small settlement town of Lhamoizingkha.

Nomad Festival

  23 February 2017   Bumthang

The annual nomad festival is held in Bumthang in central Bhutan. Bumthang is about an eight-hour drive from the capital city of Thimphu. This gathering brings together the nomads o…